German and European data protection Standards are adhered to.
All data is processed within company's secure premises, no sub contracting.

Following measures are being implemented for compliance with security standards:-

Externally secured facility with 24*7*365 security team with Licensed Armed Guard at night.
Close circuit T.V operating 24*7*365 to cover all entrances to the building, power back up area and Server room.
Smart card access to various parts of the building with a computerized tracking System.
Hardware is password protected and data access is only given for the part that is necessary.
Data resides on Servers with limited access to personnel. No data resides on individual workstations.
A log is maintained of each access to the Server. Additionally physical access to the server room is limited to a select few whose log is electronically maintained.
Data is logged which allows for traceability.
Data transmission is executed under security procedures as agreed with the client(backup data usually deleted within 60 days).
Safe data transfers SFTP-up/downloads with PGP-Encryption.
All employees signs confidentiality Statements on joining.
No storage media, bags or mobile phones in operating areas , full electronic System transaction reporting.
The company...
Undergoes regular audits.
Logs are maintained and action is taken in case of any discrepancy.
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