Self owned land & building.
Earthquake resistant building with RCC structure conforming to earthquake zone 5 seismic Standards (area is classified as Zone 4).
Redundant sources of Power (UPS and Diesel Generators compliant with emission norms).
Fire proof Server room with building facilities exceeding municipal fire safety norms.

24 hrs CCTV monitors, smart card access.

Underground/Overhead water tanks with Rain Water Harvesting facility.
Housekeeping facilities provided within Company premises.
Xeon Quad core Servers, upgraded every 12-18 months.
All Servers configured for redundancy.
Cisco Gigabit networks.
Critical network components redundantly available on-site 24*7*365 Service Level Agreements with Hardware vendor’s Critical spares maintained on site with engineers accessible 24*7*365.
All hardware (including air conditioners) provided with 2 sources of back up power.
Redundancy in bandwidth, which enables effective and efficient communication.
Multiple providers for Internet Connectivity with vendor’s bandwidth up to 8Mbps.
Different architecture platform Connectivity via Radio frequency,  Fiber, DSL, Wireless Broadband & Wi Max.
Active bandwidth management.
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